Quiet Pickleball Courts with Acoustifence®

For over 20 years, Acoustiblok has been a leader in the development/manufacture of innovative soundproofing products shipped across the globe. One of the most popular is 1/8-inch thin Acoustifence (so acoustically ingenious the US Patent Office awarded Acoustiblok a 20-year patent on it!). Used extensively by The US Army Corps of Engineers, DOT, and more, Acoustifence has proven success in acoustical noise reduction applications.

So effective at reducing Pickleball noise and easily attached to most types of fencing, Acoustifence has become a huge hit at Pickleball courts across the country. Remarkably, in a sound meter test conducted by USA Pickleball Association, Acoustifence installed around a pickleball court in Arizona reduced noise by 10-12 decibels. This represents over a 50%-reduction in sound as perceived by the human ear. Acoustifence is unique; the heavy very limp membrane actually begins to vibrate from sound waves. In essence, it’s transforming these sound waves into mechanical movement and internal inaudible friction energy.

Just recently, Acoustifence material was tested at Hurricane Engineering/Test Lab to withstand up to a 200-mph wind load. It’s also made/sourced in USA, UV-resistant, portable, and 100%-recyclable. Available in: Green, Black, Landscape HD-Image, and (3-D)-Foliage Acoustifence. Learn more.

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