Hudef Sport Inc.


HUDEF is the brand which paid the most attention to the surface rotation effect of Pickleball paddles in the early days. According to the principle of the table tennis rotating surface, including its tension and elasticity, as well as the sound principle of hitting the ball, our research team continued to develop and research various materials till we can find the most suitable material to use on the HUDEF Pickleball Paddle. After our continuous research and testing, we first successfully developed the HUDEF Vinyl which is composed of multiple layers of new materials, and it is softer and more flexible than the general pickleball paddle. It has more touch of the ball control, and at the same time its surface is far more durable and helps players to enhance spin control, while delivering relatively large tension and absorbing sound vibrations to reduce noise levels especially its color is very bright and never fade.

Pickleball is a great sport. HUDEF will work hard and grow together with pickleball! We will continue to innovate and work hard to add new elements to pickleball paddles!