Selkirk Sport

“Selkirk Sport is a family-owned business in the beautiful Coeur d’Alene area of North Idaho. We handcraft premium Pickleball paddles using the highest quality US-sourced materials in our own facility in Hayden, Idaho, in the USA.

Selkirk Sport was the first pickleball manufacturer to offer a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. We can offer this industry-disruptive warranty because all of our paddles are made in the USA with the superior materials and manufacturing processes.

An example of our innovative technology is the EdgeSentry edgeguard technology. The EdgeSentry edgeguard is low-profile and lightweight, and yet it is extremely durable. The durability ensures you will be playing with your paddle for a long time and its reduced weight balances the paddle so that it is not head heavy. You will notice a paddle with EdgeSentryTMTechnology as soon as you pick it up.

We have options for every player, whether that be a starter paddle or our Pro series paddles. Check us out at!”

12037 N. Tracey, Rd.

Hayden ID 83835