The Role of Ambassadors

Ambassadors are volunteer representatives and unofficial spokespersons for the USAPA in the geographical area they represent and/or at large. Their primary responsibility is to promote and grow the sport of pickleball.


Ambassador Responsibilities

  1. Support the goals of the USAPA, which are to promote and grow our sport with others of all ages.
  2. Encourage and support the identification of and development of new Places2Play program (
  3. Promote and solicit USAPA memberships.
  4. Advise players of important USAPA Board actions, such as rules changes and other information that may affect pickleball play.
  5. Maintain and expand “Places2Play” on the USAPA website within the Ambassador’s geographical area. All listings should be “Updated” at least once a year, even if the information has not changed, so that the “Updated Date” is not more than one year old. An Ambassador may be the contact person for a location when appropriate, but USAPA membership IS NOT required in order to be listed as a “Contact” for a location, to post a new location, or to update any location with appropriate information. Ambassadors should be able and willing to add or update listings, as well as to encourage or assist others, especially the “Contact” person, in updating the information themselves.
  6. Promote goodwill with other Ambassadors, players, facility representatives, and the general public.
  7. Become familiar with, support and abide by the Official Rules of Pickleball.
  8. Understand and practice the Code of Conduct.
  9. Become familiar with the information and resources on the USAPA website and USAPA mobile app.
  10. Refrain from publicly criticizing the USAPA and its rules, policies, goals, projects, officers, members or operations. Ambassadors are team players who work to promote, not oppose, the USAPA.
  11. Refrain from signing any document, including letters, that could possibly place the USAPA or themselves at risk for a legal claim for damages or a lawsuit. Ambassadors are not authorized to make agreements on behalf of the USAPA, give legal advice, or make guarantees.


More Options for Those with the Time and Skills

  1. Additional activities MIGHT include (optional): arranging, facilitating and teaching clinics for beginners or to improve player skills; organizing tournaments leagues and ladders for all levels of play; leading and assisting with the formation of pickleball clubs; communication through newsletters, mailing lists and social media.
  2. See the list of Effective Ideas for many other possibilities to promote the game.


Ambassador Disciplinary Policy (as of Nov. 17, 2017)
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