The Pickleball Hall of Fame is seeking your help!

The Pickleball Hall of Fame is seeking your help!  Do you have a favorite top player who typically DOMINATES the medals podium?  Do you know a contributor who has helped pickleball grow on a NATIONAL/INTERNATIONAL level?  Nominate them for consideration in the Pickleball Hall of Fame!  A nomination application for your candidate must be completed online no later than July 15th to be under consideration for the current year.

The Pickleball Hall Of Fame was formed to recognize individuals who have achieved exceptional results in pickleball play over the course of their career, as well as those who have made exceptional contributions to the growth, development and leadership of the game.  It is important to note that the competitor or contributor being recognized does not need to be retired from pickleball in order to be considered, as is generally the case in other sports, but can still be actively involved in pickleball.

There are important guidelines to consider prior to completing your nomination application.  For a competitor or contributor to be nominated and ultimately inducted into the Hall of Fame the general public needs to complete a nomination application.  This can be found on the Pickleball Hall of Fame website  However, there are criteria which must be met for the individual to receive serious consideration.

What are the qualifications that make a competitor or contributor Hall of Fame material?  If you are nominating a competitor, please consider the following:  in order to be considered Hall of Fame-worthy, a candidate in the player category should have dominated for a five year period of time. Examples of dominance would be consistently being on the medals podium at TOC, the US Open or USAPA Nationals. Only those competing at the highest level will be considered ie: Open Pro, Senior Pro and Age events.  A player of any level who competes and wins in only local events would not qualify. For a contributor to be considered Hall of Fame-worthy, the candidate should have impacted the sport of pickleball on the national or international level for a minimum of five years. Individuals that may have worked tirelessly in a local region to help grow the sport or get new courts built (while invaluable to that region and our sport) are not considered Hall of Fame-worthy candidates.

Ultimately, the Nominating committee does not nominate individuals, you do.  The responsibility of the Nominating Committee is to carefully review each application submitted by the public and decide which candidates possess the characteristics deemed necessary to become Hall of Famers. The applications of those exceptional individuals are then forwarded to the Selection Committee from among all the qualified candidates nominated by the public.  A maximum of 13 Nominees, 10 competitors and 3 contributors, will be forwarded to the Selection Committee each year.  The number of Nominees forwarded to the Selection Committee can be less than the maximum if enough qualified candidates were not submitted to the Nominating Committee for consideration.  After receiving the current year’s Nominees from the Nominating Committee, the Selection Committee will review the Nominees and select the current year’s Inductees.  A maximum of three competitors and one contributor will be inducted each year.

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