Ambassadors Tackle Sportsmanship

A group of Ambassadors and players have volunteered to address the topic of Sportsmanship.  The addition of an important, but understated addition to the 2021 Official Rulebook titled, “The Players” is generating interest in expanding what is currently found on pages 1 and 2 of the Official Rulebook for the purpose of determining fair play standards for pickleball players. One of those fair play standards is:


“Either partner in doubles can make calls, especially line calls; there is no place in the game for one partner telling another (partner), “that was my call, not yours”.


“The average player would be surprised how many rule change ideas USA Pickleball gets from players who are upset over the lack of decorum and fair play, especially in recreational play”, said USA Pickleball Director of Officiating, Mark Peifer.  “While rules certainly have a place in setting the framework for fair play, it’s cooperation and respect for one another that govern fair play, especially when referees are not involved,” added Mark.


Led by Certified Referee and District Ambassador Dick Osman, the newly formed task force is expected to create a stand-alone document that will complement the official rules.


The list of Ambassadors and players who have volunteered via their respective Regional Director include:


Jean Dicesare, Atlantic Region; Anna Walters, Nancy Sutton, Jeff Conradi, and Brent Hall from the Mid-Atlantic Region; Craig Laughlin and Scott Nicastro of the Middle States Region; Andy Carter, Steve Loranger, Leann Land, Sandra Carillo and Linda Koetting of the Mid-South Region; Bobbi Cooper of the Mountain Region; and Cindy Lawton, Robert David, and Christine Wantuck of the Southwest Region.


Players with ideas for what should be included in the document can contact any one of the Ambassadors above or Dick Osman at

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