National Championships 2020 Pre-Registration Criteria Update


USAPA Members:

Earlier this year, the USAPA Board worked directly with the USAPA Regional Directors to establish consistent criteria for the 11 regional tournaments as well as pre-registration criteria for the 2020 Margaritaville USA Pickleball National Championships.  One of the proposed and approved changes for 2020 was to give not only gold medalists but also silver medalists from all regional tournaments the ability to pre-register for the 2020 USAPA National Championships.

While the thought of adding silver medal winners was well-intended, this new consideration was approved prior to the establishment of this year’s nationals committee. Once the committee formed and discovered this new provision, it determined that based on the court count, the number of days and the large number of pre-registration letters already granted through nationals, tier I and the 11 regional tournaments, the impact of also including regional silver medalists in 2020 is not logistically feasible at this time. There is simply not enough space to accommodate pre-registration for ALL silver winners as well.

Based on the above, the committee had no choice but to recommend the board reconsider the inclusion of pre-registration status for regional silver medal winners. While not a popular decision, it was important to rescind this BEFORE any 2020-eligible regionals were played.  Based on this information, the board agreed to reverse this decision to avoid a registration disaster.

The committee and the board will continue to explore ways to accommodate more regional medal winners in future years. With that said, we are pleased to announce that the Indian Wells Tennis Garden has made several changes to the 2019 Nationals venue this year including the addition of 4 more lit courts for a total of 49.

We do apologize for the oversight of the silver medal consideration and we do thank you for your understanding as we continue to navigate this process.

Click here to see the 2020 participation and pre-registration opportunities.


Jack Thomas
USAPA President

David Jordan
Nationals Co-Chair

Karen Parrish
Nationals Co-Chair

Kyle Klein
Nationals Co-Chair

Anne Reynolds
Nationals Co-Chair

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