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How to prevent common Pickleball injuries 

We’ve all been there – you’re playing a great match then you feel that twinge, creak, pop, and sudden onset of pain.

Injury will stop you mid-match and affect your over-all health if not treated and healed properly, which is why OS1st makes products designed to help with pickleball injury prevention.

Did you know that pickleball players may be at a higher risk for injury? The average age of core players (playing at least 8 or more times per year) is 47.5. And, if you’ve ever been 47.5, you know it’s a great age to start discovering new aches and pains.

Let’s prevent pickleball injuries together.

It’s common for “ballers” to experience ankle strain, Achilles tendon strain (back of the ankle), Plantar Fasciitis, blisters, heel bruise, knee strain, hamstring, groin, or quad strain, wrist fracture and shoulder strain. But did you know there are easy steps to lessen your chances of injury?

Create routines that help prevent injury by warming up for at least 5-minutes and stretching prior to play; paying attention to your form, stance, and health during play; and, cooling down after play.

Pay attention to your footwear for comfort and support. Stop by your local, independent footwear storefor a proper shoe fitting and foot health assessment. Choose socks that will work for you not against you. Look for socks like The Pickleball Sock which feature:

  • Anatomical shape that will fit to your foot
  • Light compression to prevent slipping into your shoe
  • Double tab heel for blister protection
  • Cushion to combat the hard impact of court surfaces
  • ThinAir™ ventilation to keep feet cool and dry

Add medical-grade, graduated compression to your gear bag for added support during and after play.

  • Reduce swelling – Having a previous injury can increase your propensity for swelling. By applying medical-grade compression you can get ahead and promote blood flow through the effected area.
  • Stabilize – Targeted compression using Compression Zone Technology® can decrease the amount of muscular vibration, decreasing muscle fatigue and improving stamina.
  • Strengthen – By applying targeted compression to specific muscles through Compression Zone Technology®, you are shortening the muscle and strengthening it for improved performance.

Like most things beneficial to your health, injury prevention can be a game of delayed gratification, but it’s worth it to prevent downtime and keep playing the sport we all love.

Learn more at OS1st.com.

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