Wedding Vows Exchanged on the Pickleball Court

Pickleball wedding 02

They say it’s not best to play pickleball with your spouse to keep your relationship healthy, but nobody ever said you shouldn’t get married on the pickleball court!

On Saturday, October 9th, Jon and Heather Beasley hosted their wedding ceremony on their local YMCA courts in Easton, Maryland. During the non-peak playing hours, of course, so that shortly after they were announced as husband and wife, the Chesapeake’s Fall Brawl tournament commenced.

Jon and Heather started playing pickleball after a couple of their friends urged them to try out the sport in 2019. Due to their competitive nature, they loved it immediately.

“We not only found a great sport that we love, but it brought our blended family closer as all our kids like to play,” said Heather. “Having a pickleball wedding felt like a perfect fit. It was an opportunity to share our love for the game with our friends and family.”

Congratulations, Jon and Heather!


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