Pickleball: A sport by any other name wouldn’t be pickleball

(May 24, 2018 Rochester, MN,  www.postbulletin.com)

The inventors of pickleball probably never imagined what it would become. Because if they had known, they never would have called it pickleball. Now it’s too late. You can’t call it anything else.

Apparently, in a fit of boredom back in 1965, its Washington state creators were looking for something to do. They had a badminton court but not enough rackets. So they used ping-pong paddles and a perforated plastic ball instead.

And just like that, a new sport was born.

But for all the changes and the growing popularity, one thing seems certain not to change: the name. For good or ill, pickleball will always be pickleball. Read More…

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