2018 USAPA National Championships


Margaritaville USA Pickleball National Championships



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2018 Qualified Pre-Registration Details

Available to the following:

  • All Medalists from the 2017 USAPA National Championship Open & Sr. Open.
  • All Gold Medalists in any age/skill event from the 2017 USAPA National Championships.
  • All Gold Medalists in a Tier 1 USAPA Sanctioned Event between July 15, 2017, and July 15, 2018. Click Here to View Qualifying Events.
  • All Gold Medalists at any USAPA Regional Event between July 15, 2017, and July 15, 2018. Click Here to View Qualifying Events.

Revised Event Structure for 2018


Registration Notes

  • Players with pre-registration invitations will be limited to one event of the same type per Gold Medal. For example, if a player wins a Gold at the Great Lakes Regional in ladies doubles, that player will receive a pre-registration opportunity for ladies doubles (Note: it doesn’t have to be the same skill).
  • Players with pre-registration invitations must meet the participation requirements listed in ‘Tournament Details’ above.
  • Players with pre-registration entry will receive an invitation on July 15 and must accept and register by July 31.
  • Partners of players with pre-registration opportunities who have not met participation criteria may not pre-register.
  • Players regardless of the event used to qualify must register at his/her current rating on the day registration opens.
  • For Events that reach maximum capacity, players that register without a partner will have until Aug 15 to add a partner.