Refereeing can be easy and fun! The more thoroughly you know the rules and the more matches you referee using the standardized, tried-and-tested best practices, the easier it becomes. On this page you will find many tools designed to help you learn more about being a referee, whether it is the basics so you can help at your local tournament or in preparation for becoming a USAPA Certified Referee so you can officiate at major events.

USAPA Referee Search.  If you are looking for certified referees in your area, try the new USAPA Referee Search tool.  This feature is designed to quickly help tournament directors locate and contact USAPA certified referees in their area.  This feature, like the certified referee program itself is new but over time, the database will grow and more referees will be available all over the country.

If you are a beginning referee, we recommend:

  • Downloading and familiarizing yourself with the USAPA Rulebook.
  • Downloading the Referee Handbook and the sample scoresheets so that you can practice the tips taught in the Referee Handbook.
  • Taking the rules test…many times until you get 100%. The questions change each time so be ready!
  • Watching the new USAPA Referee Quick Start Video.
  • Practice – practice – practice. Head out to the local courts and offer to referee players in recreational play. Most of them appreciate it, and it gives you a chance to test theory and practice your skills in a relaxed environment.
  • Once you have a solid foundation, reach out to a trainer or mentor in your area that will answer questions and fine tune your skill set. Email Us to help find a trainer or mentor in your area.

USAPA/IFP Official Rulebook
The 2020 rulebook went into effect on Jan. 15, 2020

The 2020 Edition is now available for download.

  • Click Here or on the cover to the left to download
  • Click Here to download The Corresponding 2020 Change Document

USAPA/IFP Referee Handbook (USAPA Member login required)

This handbook documents the USAPA officiating best practices and serves as the official resource for referee training. The Referee Handbook is intended as a companion guide for referees at all levels of officiated pickleball events and encompasses both singles and doubles play. The procedures, techniques and tips in the handbook are based on the USAPA/IFP rules, as well as the experiences of seasoned referees who regularly officiate USAPA-sanctioned tournaments.

USAPA Scoresheets

These scoresheets are the official scoresheets used in USAPA-sanctioned tournaments and are being provided for training and practice purposes. The scoresheets carry the official logo of the organization and of to reflect our strategic alliance. Players and tournament directors may develop their own scoresheet but it may not contain the official logo of the USAPA (registered trademark).

USAPA Referee Rules Test

This online Referee Test is Phase I of the USAPA referee training and certification programs. It tests your knowledge of the USAPA/IFP Official Tournament Rulebook and the USAPA officiating best practice procedures contained in the Referee Handbook and the Line Judge Guide. USAPA highly recommends that you study these training materials prior to taking the test.

USAPA Player Quiz

This 50-question rules quiz is designed as a fun exercise for players who mainly participate in non-officiated play. Although the rules are the same for recreational and tournament play, when there is no referee to enforce the rules, the players must govern themselves. So, if you want to test your knowledge of the IFP/USAPA rules, give this quiz a try. A reference to the related section in the IFP/USAPA rules is included at the end of each question. But don’t spoil your fun! Complete the quiz and see which questions you miss before referring back to the rulebook.

USAPA Quick Start Referee Training Video (18 mins.)

Other Important Referee Tools

USAPA/IFP Line Judge Guide (USAPA Member login required)

This guide explains the USAPA/IFP best practices for line judging and the responsibilities of referees working in unison with line judges.

USAPA Line Judge Test

This 25-question Line Judge Test is a tool for pickleball line judges and referees to test their knowledge of the USAPA line judge best practices contained in the official USAPA/IFP Line Judge Guide. Answers to all questions can be found in the Line Judge Guide.

Referee Certification Renewal

For Advanced Pickleball Referees

Official USAPA Casebook for Referees (USAPA Member login required)

The new and improved 2020 Referee Casebook is now available. We will be updating this with new cases as we progress throughout the year.

Referee Training PowerPoint (USAPA Member login required)

Ready to train referees in your area? USAPA has developed a comprehensive PowerPoint for a three-hour training class. You may use the PowerPoint as is or you may modify it for your training needs.

How to Become a USAPA Certified Referee

USAPA Certified Referee

Feel proficient at refereeing all levels of pickleball play? Ready to become a USAPA Certified Referee?