The 3rd and final USAPA Tournament Player Ratings (UTPRs) can be viewed in your USAPA Member profile. Click here.

Between now and January 1, 2019, USAPA members may appeal their 3rd Phase UTPR if it is +/- .75 from their current and official USAPA legacy rating. For a detailed description of UTPR and legacy ratings, click here for PDF file.

Example: If your USAPA legacy rating is 4.0 and your UTPR is now higher than 4.750 or lower than 3.250, you may appeal.


Before appealing, please consider:

  • trying the new skill level as you may find this is where you fit
  • that you can always elect to “play-up”
  • being a UTPR 3.5 allows play at 4.0 in 50+ events
  • that all players are treated equally using the ELO Method so you may find that your peers’ UTPRs have adjusted as well


If you feel an appeal is appropriate, please email 3rd Phase UTPR appeals to

Upon receipt of the appeal:

  • the rating is reviewed.
  • a decision is made.
  • the player is notified.
  • the UTPR is updated.


Oct. 19 Update: All appeals received will be processed beginning mid-November. UTPR appeals that meet the UTPR appeal guideline criteria above will be reviewed and processed before December 31, 2018.


After January 1, 2019 only medical appeals will be considered. Medical appeals can be supported with a doctor’s note from the attending physician. Email a copy of the doctor’s note stating the nature of the injury and expected time of recovery along with the medical appeal to