I am playing in a USA Pickleball sanctioned tournament. My membership is current, but the tournament registration software won’t let me register. Why?

Here are few common errors that will preclude tournament registration:

  • Name mis-match: Tournament registration software needs to find an exact match to what is on the player’s USA Pickleball Member Record.  Examples:   Robert, not Bob, Susan not Suzi, (OR) even a hyphen between names:  Mary Jones-Smith not Mary Smith. 
  • Reminder: To expedite your Tournament Registrations, please be sure to always keep your profiles current and consistent on both the USA Pickleball Member Profile and the Tournament Registration Software company doing registrations e.g., pickleballtournaments.com.
  • Membership Expiration Date: The member’s expiration date must be current through ALL dates that the tournament is in play.  It is not based on the membership status on the day the  member registers for the tournament. 
  • Membership Payment Delay: A check was mailed in for a member’s USA Pickleball dues.   The check has not as yet been received.  Membership  activation or reactivation occurs when payment is applied to the open Invoice.