Pickleball Fundamentals Book

Master the Basics of one of America’s Fastest-Growing Sports


Fast, fun, and competitive: Simply step onto the court and it will be clear why pickleball is booming in popularity. A recent CBS News report even called it “the fastest-growing sport among retirees.” (click here to view) book cover

Pickleball Fundamentals is written by Mary Littlewood and the USA Pickleball Association and is the first book endorsed by USAPA. It will teach you the basics of the sport so that you can join the fun on the court right away. Learn proper execution of the sport’s essential skills and tactics. All the shots—groundstroke, serve and return, volley, dink, lob, overhead smash, and drop—provide a base for solid technique.

More than 40 drills and gamelike activities will speed your learning while improving performance. You’ll also find competitive tactics for various scenarios and strategies for both singles and doubles play. Learn from some of the best players in the game as Jennifer Lucore; Alex Hamner; Jim Hackenberg; Wes Gabrielsen; Gigi LeMaster and David Zapatka all shared helpful tips that are sure to improve your game.

So whether you are new to the sport or one of the growing number of pickleball fanatics, Pickleball Fundamentals is the best way to master the basics and compete with confidence.

Pickleball Fundamentals, published by Human Kinetics, is now available in bookstores and online sellers everywhere!



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“By combining key elements of tennis, badminton and table tennis, pickleball has become one of the fastest growing sports around. Pickleball Fundamentals is the one book that will help you serve, volley, dink, lob, and smash your way through a successful game.” – Justin Maloof – Executive Director, USAPA


Sample Excerpts from Pickleball Fundamentals…


Forehand and Backhand Serves (click image to view larger)

USAPA excerpt 1


Most commonly used is a forehand drive serve. Stand in a forward stride position behind the baseline with your left shoulder pointing toward the target and your weight on your back foot. The ball is in your left hand, and that arm is extended toward the net. Bend at the waist, take your paddle arm back, drop or toss the ball between you and the target, swing your paddle arm forward in an underhand motion, and contact the ball below your waist. After ball contact, follow through by bringing your arm up and toward the target.






Basic and Advanced Doubles Strategies (click image to view larger)

USAPA excerpt 2


While the best players may use the strategies of the doubles game automatically now, they, too, were beginners at one time. Select one or two strategies to work on; when they become automatic to you and your partner, work on two more. Eventually your team will truly be one working together toward a common goal: success!

• Strive for 100 percent accuracy on serves.
• The forehand player has the primary responsibility for balls down the middle.
• Anticipate what the return shot will be and move into position to cover the possible angle of the return shot.