How To Get The USA Pickleball Newsletter

The USA Pickleball Digital Newsletter is an official communication vehicle of USA Pickleball. It is e-mailed to USAP members on a monthly basis. USA Pickleball e-newsletters are a benefit of a USA Pickleball membership.


If you would like to start receiving the USA Pickleball Newsletter to stay informed, & connected to both us and to the sport. you will first need to become a member of USA Pickleball. Click the button below to start the enrollment process. 

Having Newsletter Delivery Issues?
If you are a current member and are not receiving the e-Newsletter, please take the following steps:
  1. Login to the USA Pickleball Membership Site - Click Here
  2. Once logged in click the Manage My Email Subscriptions link under the Member Information area and ensure you are opted into the News communications.
  3. If the News box is not selected please select and save and you should start receiving the Newsletter.
  4. If the News box was checked then please take the following two actions.
  5. Click the Change Contact/Profile Info link under Member Information and ensure your email address is listed correctly.
  6. Check your email SPAM folder to see if the newsletter has been getting sent to SPAM
Newsletter Story and Idea Submissions

Members are encouraged to submit pickleball-related stories and photos for potential inclusion in future newsletters. USA Pickleball staff reserve the right to edit submissions for length and content. Submitting this form does not guarantee the inclusion of this information in the USAP Newsletter, but if we do feel the information will benefit the member base it will be included.