USA Pickleball, in agreement with the Professional Pickleball Registry (PPR) and Pickleball Coaching International (PCI), is dedicated to educating, certifying, and serving pickleball pros in order to grow the game.  PCI and PPR are the official education and certification partners of USA Pickleball.


Pickleball Coaching International is an industry leader in coach education and instructor certification. PCI’s instructor certification program is full of exclusive resources you won’t find anywhere else. These resources include clear and concise videos that will help you become a more effective teacher, training activities you can use with your players to keep your lessons fresh and fun, tips on how to deal with awkward numbers, and ideas about what to do when you have students at different skill levels.

The best thing about PCI instructor certification is that the training is offered 100% online, which means you can go through the program at your speed and when it is convenient for you.


PPR is the standard when it comes to pickleball instructor certification. When you become PPR certified, you instantly earn the trust and respect of players, clubs, and facilities nationwide.  PPR certification workshops are held all over the country, and more are added daily.

PPR provides you with the educational resources to become not only a qualified pickleball instructor but also an exceptional one. With exclusive access to their specialty courses, coaching magazine, and resource library, you can be confident that you are on the cutting edge of pickleball education!

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