Boise, Idaho Unveils a Pickleball Jamboree


Remember back when you were in the fifth grade and recess was the best part of the day? All those sessions of dodge ball or kick ball that ended way too soon.

Think how wonderful it would be to go to an event where recess doesn’t end too soon. A pickleball jamboree is just such an event. Only it’s pickleball that goes on all day long! In the world of sports, a jamboree is a series of practice scrimmages against multiple teams. Scores are kept in individual games, but cumulative scores are not tallied. At the jamboree, players can play game after game after game.

Pickle Jam is a jamboree held in Boise, Idaho. Their first jamboree was held in May of 2019 with 86 players on 12 pickleball courts. Pickle Jam 2020 sold out in two weeks for 130 players on 12 pickleball courts at a beautiful indoor tennis facility. To accommodate the increased demand for the April 2020 event, organizers doubled the capacity by opening the event up to 250 players on 24 pickleball courts.

A successful jamboree incorporates not only open play sessions, but round robin events and crazy competitions within skill levels. Social events like dinners and excursions create a sense of community for all the participants. Players can also discuss with others how their community handled common pickleball challenges.

Pickleball jamborees offer a new way for players to enjoy the most enjoyable parts of playing pickleball — lots of play with others who are just as crazy about this game.

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