Equipment Compliance Testing to begin in 2021

As the game of Pickleball continues to grow in popularity, and with substantial prize money now turning top players into traveling professionals, USA Pickleball has chosen to implement a “Compliance Testing Program” as part of their equipment approval process starting in 2021.

This program shall be the basis for confirming that all manufacturers continue to produce equipment that conforms with the “Equipment Approval Standard” each piece of equipment met when originally approved by USA Pickleball.

This new “Random Quality Inspection” (RQI) will establish a protocol for regular, ongoing equipment testing.  The testing will be designed to ensure that all equipment having been awarded the USA Pickleball stamp of approval are continuing to be manufactured and sold within the original testing specifications as outlined in the Equipment Standards Manual (ESM).

All the equipment samples will be randomly selected and purchased without prejudice, from a variety of sources.  This testing system, known as “Market Testing” will be conducted in accordance with all rules, procedures and standards set forth by USA Pickleball.  This program will ensure that a level playing field remains for all players and manufacturers in the competition market.


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