Inclement Weather Doesn’t Keep Pickleball Ken Fans Away From Special Evening

This year’s inaugural recipients were Ken and Sharon MarquardtPickleball Ken – for his tireless work in introducing this growing sport with the quirky name to literally thousands of people in the Denver area and beyond. Over two hundred souls braved the elements to attend the special dinner and award event, which included the donation of $10,000 to Operation TBI Freedom, a program of Craig Hospital that benefits veterans and their families suffering from the effects of traumatic brain injury (TBI). 

Pickleball Ken’s mantra – “Pickleball changes lives” – captures his passion and the legacy of his contribution to his community. Operation TBI Freedom has been a major focus of fundraising events for the community, but it’s not the only impact of Pickleball Ken’s efforts. Through his unending persistence, the City of Arvada has supported the sport and its members with twenty-four outdoor pickleball courts, built by the Arvada Apex Parks and Recreation District. Indoor courts are also available for play during the winter months. More than 4,000 pickleball players are hitting the courts, representing a community rich in diversity of ages and abilities, and the stories of how pickleball has made a difference in so many lives validates the choice of Ken and Sharon Marquardt for the 2018 Pickleball Ken “Changing Lives” Award.

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