Quash Pickleball Noise with Acoustifence®

TAMPA, Fla. August 6, 2020. Has this happened to your city, Pickleball club or HOA? The rapid growth of pickleball and the resulting noise is now disturbing residents from what was once a quiet neighborhood park? 

“As no effective means of controlling the noise or limiting usage to control noise exist, the only practical solution to eliminate the nuisance and to prevent diminution in value of the surrounding properties is to cease pickleball activities and to stop this incompatible activity. 

This was the warning from an acoustic engineer hired by nearby residents to stop Pickleball play at a city-owned park. The city contacted Acoustiblok and purchased Acoustifence® noise curtains to lower the noise-level and allow Pickleball to continue to be played. Remarkably, according to the city engineer’s study, attenuation of the peak sounds was reduced by more than 10dBA, which is perceived as half as loud.  

He said, “We conclude the Acoustifence did what it was intended to do and that is reduced the sound emanating from the pickleball courts. 

We hope that the Pickleball noise doesn’t become an issue for you like it did for them. But if the torches and pitchforks do come out, we’re here to help. 

1/8-inch thick all-weather Acoustifence curtains are designed for use on Pickleball, tennis and other sport courts. They come in green or black, are 6’ wide and custom made as tall as your fence requires. The curtains are mold and mildew proof, and hydrophobic making them ideal for almost any environment. Each curtain is made of our barium-free, UV-resistant, 100%-recyclable Acoustifence material that is proudly made and sourced in the USA. It’s so ingenious that the US Patent Office awarded Acoustiblok a 20-year patent on Acoustifence and the material was just tested at Hurricane Engineering/Test Lab to withstand up to a 200-mph wind load.  

Acoustifence noise curtains have been installed on public and private pickleball courts across North America, from the heat of the sunbelt to the Canadian cold. They can handle full sun 24/7/365 and up to 200-degrees Fahrenheit, and cold temperatures down to -40. Once they are up your job is done, or as we like to say, you-can-set-it-and-forget-it. 

If you have a noise problem and would like to explore your options, please contact our Pickleball Noise Specialist, Charles O’Meara, at 813-980-1400 ext.3202 or send an email to: comeara@acoustiblok.com. Additional noise studies along with a list of references for contact are available on request. 



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