San Francisco – Home to the New Louis Sutton Pickleball Complex

It’s easy to see why singer Tony Bennett may have ‘Left his Heart in San Francisco.’ Passion, love of life and a spirit of adventure runs high for many Californians, especially those who play the sport of pickleball. 

Recently, the Golden Gate Pickleball Club, led by President Freddie Nadarisay who’s also a USAPA Ambassador for the City by the Bay oversaw the grand opening of six dedicated pickleball courts now known as the Louis Sutter Pickleball Complex. Nadarisay was first introduced to the sport nearly four years ago and almost instantly he was hooked. “I bought my first paddle on the same day I first played pickleball. I then became a USAPA Ambassador just a few weeks later,” reminisced Nadarisay. His love of the sport grew and soon he organized the Golden Gate Club in 2016 and continues today as the only pickleball club in San Francisco. With the help of Willie Chan, he introduced the game to the local Parks and Recreation and in less than two years, plans were well underway for the construction of the new pickleball complex.

Open free to the public Monday – Sunday from 7am until sunset, Nadarisay is doing all he can to build awareness of the facility and the sport. “I conducted our first beginner/intermediate clinic after we first opened and I continue to offer pickleball instruction to beginner players. Round robin and other tournaments will also be held in the near future.”


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