South Carolina School Adds Pickleball to PE Curriculum

The physical education class at Tall Pines STEM Academy in Aiken, South Carolina took on a different look this Fall. Students were soon staring at each other across pickleball nets. It’s a scene that is occurring more often throughout the United States.

The Tall Pines Pickleball program was established by Mo Garcia, USAPA District Ambassador and owner of MoPowerSport.  Garcia donated nets, paddles, and balls, as well as a considerable amount of his time and expertise.  Working with other local pickleball players, they lined the courts and helped teach the students the basics of the game.  Working closely with PE teacher Chrystene Weimer, the kids had a blast. “We are so grateful to have established a relationship with Mo Garcia and Aiken Pickleball. Tall Pines students have absolutely loved learning the game and over the course of several weeks have developed into good players!” said Weimer. “We are excited to continue our relationship and help further build interest in pickleball with our youth!”

The school also funded 2 versa-nets that can be used for either pickleball or badminton.  The courts are under an existing shelter, enabling the students to play year-round.  “One of the reasons why I embraced the challenge to introduce pickleball to the curriculum at the Tall Pines Academy was because of their dynamic approach to education and promoting student wellness and physical fitness,” said Garcia. “Giving of my time and effort just to see the level of fun the students experience while playing pickleball is a reward of unparalleled proportion.  As a result of this initiative at Tall Pines Academy, our intent is to introduce the sport at various other schools within Aiken County and eventually establish a pickleball youth league for ages 10-18.”

Pickleball courts are popping up all throughout the area, both indoor and outdoor facilities. For more information, go to

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