Staying Ahead of the Curve with PPR’s Pickleball Certification Program

As the leader in pickleball certification and education, PPR understands the importance of continually enhancing education to meet the needs of current and future coaches.

In May, PPR announced a partnership with to offer the first and only online certification course for operators of pickleball tournaments. Upon passing the course, participants will be a Certified Registration and Desk Operations Manager with complete knowledge to run highly efficient and successful events. The response was terrific, with newly certified managers describing the course as a thorough training and certification program.

Scott Schreier, the 1st person to become a Certified Registration and Tournament Desk Operations Manager

In July, PPR is excited to release another first – a blended pickleball certification program. This unique combination combines online and on-court training for the most thorough learning environment. The new format allows future coaches the time to digest and practice fundamentals learned in the online videos and further develop coaching knowledge in a hands-on learning environment on the pickleball court.

The revised Adult Development workshop includes over 6 hours of education with a focus on self-paced online education for the first part of the course, which should take future coaches approximately 3 hours to complete (including test questions and homework). Once completing the online piece, participants will have knowledge of coaching “beginners” on how to introduce rules and scoring to students in a simple manner.

After passing the online portion, the certification course finishes with a 3-hour in-person workshop where coaches will further develop knowledge while learning how to implement pickleball tactics and strategies for “improving” players. Potential coaches will be tested in playing and demonstrating skills, coaching ability, and online written test knowledge of pickleball rules and coaching.

So, go to to learn more about PPR membership benefits, how to become certified in either running tournaments or coaching pickleball. Stay ahead of the curve by being a part of our growing PPR family!

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