The Launch of PB Pro

PB Pro™ is professional pickleball brand featuring premium paddles, coordinated apparel and accessories. The brand was launched in October 2020 by Simona Galik Moore, a former WTA professional tennis player.

“Initially, my husband and I started playing the game. It’s a great family sport, relatively easy to pick up and a lot of fun!  Our challenge was to find a paddle that would have the right feel.  It was a bit confusing, there are so many options in the marketplace.  None of them really had the feel I was looking for”.

Product Development

We assembled a group of product development specialists, pickleball players and designers to develop the PB Pro paddle line. We ended up with exactly what we were looking for, feel, performance and power.  After thoroughly testing each paddle during regular pickleball play, we launched the complete line of PB Pro paddles.  All PB Pro™ paddles are USA Pickleball approved.

  • Tour Signature 9.3 oz / Tour Signature Lite 8.5 oz is a paddle designed for advanced players who are looking for power without sacrificing touch.
  • Tour Widebody 8.3 oz / Tour Widebody Lite 7.8 oz is an ideal paddle for beginner / intermediate players. The Lite version was designed specifically for women.
  • Coming Soon – Tour Max 8.3 oz / Tour Max Lite 7.5 oz is ideal for intermediate / Advanced players. Pickleball players with tennis background love these paddles
  • Tour Widebody Ultra Lite 7.3 oz is designed for people with arm problems, juniors, women. It is the lightest paddle we offer.

Our advanced/pro players recommended we develop a Tour Signature paddle that is slightly longer and narrower to the standard PB Pro pickleball paddle.  This will be introduced Tour Signature XL, late Spring 2021.

Apparel and Accessories

“I am very picky about what I wear when I work out or play a sport. When I first thought about developing a pickleball brand, I wanted to focus on apparel and accessories. I wanted to design a line of performance clothing in-line with current trends and have lasting performance. We have designed color coordinated collections that go well with the paddles and accessories. We will expand the men’s and women’s apparel line in 2021.

Tennis was my past. Pickleball is my future

The game of tennis has been my passion for the past 30 years. I miss the competition, camaraderie and sense of community of professional tennis. After playing pickleball a few times, I met some incredible people and I discovered the joy of competition again.    Pickleball presents me with new challenges both from a competitive and business perspective.  From a tennis player’s perspective, I have the strokes, I know how to control and direct the ball, but I need to learn how to construct the point. The game is fast, great anticipation is really important. Luckily, I have always enjoyed the net game, which is a great advantage in pickleball. I am eager to learn about the game and compete in pickleball events in the future. My daughter, Daniella, is only 5 years old. If she chooses pickleball as her sport, we may become the new mother and daughter duo!

PB Pro™ Mission.

Our mission is to help grow the sport of pickleball worldwide. Our goal is to help introduce the sport to new communities of people and provide them with the proper pickleball equipment. We hope to partner with professional pickleball players whose personal and professional goals align with ours, so together we can have a greater impact on the communities around us.

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