USA Pickleball Grant Programs brings Pickleball to the Neighborhood

USA Pickleball Community and High School Grant Programs help bring pickleball to neighborhoods. For many communities, a successful pickleball program begins with players wanting to bring the sport of pickleball into their neighborhood or school. Often the beginning is simple. A borrowed net, some tape, a ball, a few paddles, and people willing to try out the new sport with the funny name. Just as often, these early start-ups run into barriers convincing the community and school leaders to invest in the sport. Most sports programs have limited financial means – to invest in a new “novel” sport while other sports programs go wanting is a hard sell for both a community and a school. The grant programs help minimize some of those early start-up financial barriers.

The USA Pickleball grant program’s goal is to promote the growth of pickleball by the distribution of a basic start-up grant for communities and high schools. The grant provides a set dollar amount in reimbursement for the purchase of start-up pickleball equipment.

These initial pickleball start-up grants have been essential in demonstrating to community leaders that pickleball is valued within the community and a great social and health benefit to any neighborhood. The start-up equipment allows the initial player group to grow and attract more local players to the newly established pickleball courts. Once the pickleball player group grows in sufficient numbers they are better able to garner community support and investment.

Since 2008, USA Pickleball has awarded 1300+ start-up grants to communities and schools. The grant program has helped pickleball become one of the fastest growing sports in the nation. USA Pickleball expectsto award in excess of 100 start-up grants in 2021. There is still time to apply for a start-up pickleball grant for your neighborhood.

All USA Pickleball members are eligible to apply for a start-up USA Pickleball program grant.  Click here to learn more about USA Pickleball grant programs.

(Author: Ray Pereyra has been active in pickleball for over ten years; as co-founder of the Santa Cruz Pickleball Club, official USA Pickleball Ambassador, Ambassador Forum Manager and served three years on the USA Pickleball Board)


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