USAPA Regional Updates

Each month, our Regional and District Ambassadors submit reports on what is happening in their area. Here is a quick snippet of what was reported in October.

Southern Arizona Pickleball Association 1st Fall Double Elimination Tournament

Southwest Region – Submitted by Chuck Borozinski, USAPA SW Region Media Contact
SAPA just finished the first non-rated to 2.5 tournament ever held in the Town of Sahuarita, Ariz.
The tournament was designed for:
  1. Players whose skill level did not qualify for most of the other tournaments offered
  2. No players above skill level 2.5 were allowed
  3. There were no age limit on players entry
This was the first time the Town of Sahuarita’s tennis court area has been rented for anything.  And, it was for Pickleball! We were excited to have a couple high school kids come out as well as some players in their 20’s.

Pickleball continues to grow in Idaho

Pacific Northwest Region – Submitted by John Sweeting, USAPA Pacific Northwest Regional Director

Idaho recently completed its’ Idaho Sr. Games with a record turnout of players, including many from other states who traveled to Boise for the fun and competitive tournament. Mike Thornton, the Idaho Sr Games General Director, says he has been amazed how pickleball has quickly grown to become one of the most popular sports in the Senior Games and in Idaho. The tourney was preceded by a very nice TV report about the beginning of the sport in Idaho’s Treasure Valley in a YMCA gym. It also included coverage of players on a tennis court with painted PB lines…AND, THEN, announced and showed pictures of the area where the city of Boise has recently approved the building of the Hobble Creek Pickle Ball Project, which includes 12 courts dedicated to pickleball!

The TV report also showed how Idaho, though a small state, is producing some top competitive players, too. Shown in the coverage was Dick Johnson, an Idaho tennis champion, who very enthusiastically expressed his great love for pickleball, explained some of the wonderful benefits of the sport for young and old, and described its’ explosive growth. Though beginning pickleball only 3 years ago, Dick won a Silver in the 2014 Nationals, two Bronzes in this year’s National Sr. Games, and was the only player from any state to win three Golds in the recent national State Games of America.

Tennis Center in West Michigan expands pickleball offering

Spring Lake, MI – Submitted by Kevin Curley, USAPA West Michigan Gold Coast District Ambassador

After two years of working with the Norton Pines Athletic Club, the local Dirty Dozen Pickleball group was successful in taping 12 new courts in the Club’s outdoor practice bubble. This is easily one of the largest indoor playing areas along the “southern” lakeshore; further north, Traverse City’s former YMCA building has 10 beautiful indoor dedicated pickleball courts. But down here in the Tri-Cities, this new location is a welcomed addition to the “Places to Play” in West Michigan. If you live in the area, go check out the Dirty Dozen’s Facebook page for more information on the group and the new playing location.

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