USAPA Training Update: September 2015

Since the last newsletter we have completed one project and have two other major undertakings in the works.

This update was submitted by Lynn & Linda Laymon, USAPA Training Chairs

New USAPA Official Scoresheet

The updated USAPA Official Scoresheet is now available at It will primarily be used for tournaments that are run manually, or those using USAPA’s Brackets and Software program. It is not mandatory that tournament directors use this form, as tournaments using software will use the form generated by that system.

Referee Training

Beta testing of Phase II of the three-phase USAPA Referee Certification program is currently underway. Due to the large number of applicants, two experienced trainers from each region have been selected to participate in the six-week controlled introduction. Each are training a minimum of 10 prospective referees using the Referee Handbook and Referee Trainer Guide recently developed by USAPA, and at the end of the trial each will complete a beta test feedback form. It is anticipated that the Referee Handbook and Trainer Guide will be made available to all USAPA members by early December. Phase III of the referee certification package — Referee Evaluation and Certification — is the next step, which is planned for implementation by spring 2016.

Instructor Training

A committee is in the very early stages of developing a USAPA Instructor Training and Certification package for USAPA members desiring to teach pickleball. The training portion will provide instruction on how to effectively teach pickleball and the certification portion will ensure that the curriculum and teaching techniques used by certified instructors meet USAPA standards. Neither development nor availability timelines have yet been established. Stay tuned.


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