06/01/2021. All dues payment at that time are payable at the updated dues rates.

Absolutely!  The online application, whether new or renewal, will give you the option to pay online. We accept all major credit cards, as well as an eCheck. There is also auto-pay for your next renewal. You can opt out, or back in, at anytime, right from your own Personal USA Pickleball Main Page.  

Absolutely. When in the payment portion of the on-line application, simply choose the “Bill Me” option and you will be presented with an Invoice.

  • Print the Invoice
  • Cut off the Invoice remittance stub at the bottom & mail with the check.
  • Address: USA Pickleball, Member Services, PO BOX 7354, Surprise, AZ  85374
  • When the payment is applied to your Account, an Invoice Receipt of Payment notification will be sent to your e-mail address of record.

There is a $3.00 fee for manual processing of a paper check sent to us in the mail.

This fee will show on the invoice, however, when paying online it will automatically be removed at the time of payment.  Your credit card will not be charged this fee.

Yes, there is a $10.00 handling fee for applications completed and submitted on paper and mailed-in with a check.

AutoPay is a feature that will charge the credit card on file to make the renewal payment three (3)  days prior to the membership expiration date to ensure there is no lapse in membership, and your membership always stays current.   Members are encouraged to always review the AutoPay Box in your Billing Info Area, and opt in/out as needed.

On the Receipt of Payment notification, there is information on how you can review and print the receipt right from your USA Pickleball Personal Membership Information page. It is as simple as logging in to the system.  Right on that first page after login, you can find this information in your “Billing Info” area on the right side of the page.   There is a print option available to you.

In this circumstance, please clearly note the Invoice Number on the check.  We apply the payment to your account based on the Invoice Number.  

No. An invoice will not be mailed. When applying on-line, on the “Pay Membership Dues/Fees” screen, there is a direct link to: “Download and Print Invoice #________”. By selecting this you will have a copy of your invoice. Simply print & detach the stub on the bottom of the page, and mail in with your check. The USA Pickleball mailing address is right on that stub.

No. Once a registration is submitted, USA Pickleball does not provide refunds for memberships.

  • FREE Digital Copy of ‘Pickleball Magazine’ (6 per year)
  • 20% Discount (off cover price) of Mailed Subscription of ‘Pickleball Magazine
  • $20 Discount on USA Pickleball Net System
  • Discounts on USA Pickleball Merchandise at the USA Pickleball Online Shop
  • USA Pickleball e-Newsletter (6 per year)
  • Member Rewards Program
  • Expanded Member Rewards (hotels, rental cars, restaurants)
  • Member Upgrade Options (optional USA Pickleball discount products members can select during the online registration process & also by logging into the Personal Member Main Page, under the Billing Info Area. This can be done at any time.
  • USA Pickleball Rating for all Sanctioned Tournaments
  • Secondary Medical Insurance for USA Pickleball Sanctioned Tournaments
  • Printable USA Pickleball Membership Card
  • Member Access to  new ‘Look-Up’ on USA Pickleball Website
  • Member Access to new ‘Partner Search’ on USA Pickleball Website

Member Access to new ‘Referee Trainer Guide’ on USA Pickleball Website

At the present time, we do not offer Family Memberships.

Not at the present time.   We have kept our membership dues intentionally very low to make it affordable for everyone at any age to be able to join the USA Pickleball. 

Not at this time. Each membership is currently an individual membership.  A business address can be used, however the membership is in one person’s name only, and cannot be transferred to another person.

No.  Memberships are not transferable.

  • On-Line Application/Payment:  We have a dynamic, real-time system.  As soon as the payment has been received and applied to your account, you can log back into the system with your username and password, and access your Member Number and print your Membership Card.
  • Payment by check:   For Paper Applications (OR) on-line applications submitted with a mailed check, and a printed Invoice Stub:   As soon as the check has been received, payment is applied to your Invoice, and a Payment Receipt is e-mailed to your e-mail address of record.   At that time, you can login the system and access your member number and print your Membership Card.

No. Members have the ability to review and print Membership Cards right on-line whenever it is personally convenient. After Logging in with your username and password, you will be on your Personal Main Page. Under the ‘My Membership Information’ area (Fig. D above) you will find a link that says ‘Membership Card PDF’.

The Mobile Application is especially designed to provide USA Pickleball Members & the General Public with direct, easy access to USA Pickleball information. You can: View your Membership Card, Join or Renew, Edit Member Info, Review Upcoming Tournaments, Access Places2Play, & Access Member Discounts & Rewards, as well as view other Pickleball News & Notes. The Members Only Area requires a member to log-in, with a user name & password. A login button is provided.

Here are a few reasons that this could be happening:

  • Your e-mail address has changed and you have not as yet had a chance to update it on your USA Pickleball Member Profile.
  • You have opted out of receiving e-mail on your member record. To fix this, log-in to your profile page (Figure A, B above). From the ‘My Membership Information’ area (Fig. D above) click the ‘Change Contact/Profile Info’ link.  Once this opens, scroll to the bottom of the page and make sure the ‘Hide Email in Public Member-List’ is un-checked.
  • Your browser auto-blocks certain types of e-mail based on content.
  • You are using a company, organizational, or school e-mail address, extension (example .edu) and that organization is blocking certain types of e-mail.

Please always check your Spam folder to ensure that your system can accept e-mail from USA Pickleball.  Spam filters can prevent you from receiving e-mails.  By adding us to your contact list will help with this. Please check your member record to see what, if anything, you have opted out of on your member record.

All USA Pickleball members receive a free e-subscription to “Pickleball Magazine”. These are sent to members via the email address associated with the member’s profile.  Dollard Publishing handles all mailed subscriptions.  For subscription-related questions, please direct your questions pertaining to:

The Official USA Pickleball “Places 2 Play” website and corresponding mobile app (Apple only) are essential tools for travel.   This is how it can be accessed:

  • Go to
  • From the website, click on the “Play” tab on the top navigation Bar
  • The USA Pickleball Places 2 Play feature is also available as a link on the Free USA Pickleball Mobile App (available in the Apple and Google/Android stores)
  • You may also search for a local USA Pickleball ambassador to get their recommendations on where to play 

The contact person or facility, is encouraged to keep the information current by “Updating” the listing at  least once a year. Anyone is allowed to add or change appropriate information.  See the Place 2 Play Help Guide, (see Help link at the top of the P2P homepage) for instructions.  If you find courts or facilities that are not listed, please “Add a New Location” with complete information.

  • We have a tiered Renewal Notification Process for Individual memberships:
  • To keep members apprised of their membership status, we have expanded our member renewal notification process. These emails are auto-generated based on date, and are as follows:
  • 1st Renewal Notice: 60 days before expiration of the Paid Thru Date (membership term expiration date) a renewal reminder notification is automatically sent to the member’s email address of record.
  • 2nd Renewal Notice: 30 days before expiration of Paid Thru Date, a renewal reminder notification is automatically sent to the member’s email address of record.
  • 3rd Renewal Notice: 7 Days prior to the expiration of Paid Thru Date (membership expiration date), a reminder of the need to renew is sent via email.
  • 4th /Final Renewal Notice: When the Membership has expired, and has been put in an Inactive/Dropped Status.
  • A Dropped member can always be reinstated by renewing. We will be here to welcome you back.
  • All renewal notifications include embedded links for the member to easily & simply pay their membership dues right from that notification. These are personalized to your renewal information only. Just look for the “Renew” link.

No.  Please do not create a new membership application.  Duplicate membership record situations are problematic and could cause delays in both processing and event registrations such as tournaments. If you have a Player Rating, it will not be dynamically posted to the new record.  It is always best to renew, to keep your information consistent and current, and to avoid special handling and delays. 

  • You can Renew (extend your membership) at any time. You can do this either on the Mobile Application, or from your Personal USA Pickleball Member Information page. Both require you to log-in using your user name and password. When renewing early, the date will be changed to reflect the extension from your current membership Paid Thru Date, which is your membership expiration date.
  • Example: Exp. Date: 08/08/21
    • 3 Year early renewal on 01/01/2021
    • New Expiration date: 08/08/2024
  • Go to
  • Click on the “Memberships” tab, or the “Login” Button on the top right of the homepage
  • Select “Login” from the drop down menu (Fig. A)
  • Enter your user name (Fig. B)
  • Enter the password you set up (Fig. B)
  • Login
  • You will then be on your Personal USA Pickleball Membership Information Page
  • The Welcome Notification you received has both a temporary user name and password included in the email. You would use this information to login to the system for the first time. After successfully logging in, you will be able to change these to something that is personal to you.
  • If you no longer have that notification, the temporary password has expired, or you have lost or forgotten your user name or password, you will need to do a Password Reset. Here is how to proceed:
  • Go to
  • Click on the “Memberships” tab on the top navigation bar
  • Select “Member Login” from the drop down menu  (Fig. A above)
  • Scroll to the lower portion of the Login page to the Password re-set option (Fig. C below)
  • Enter your email address as it appears on your member record
  • Remember to click the ‘Reset My Password’ button
  • An email will be sent to your email address of record
  • The email you receive will guide you to login
  • When successfully logged in, you will then be on your Personal USA Pickleball Membership Information Page
  • You should change your user name and password any time you feel it necessary

No.  The system requires a unique email address for each and every member.  Each membership is an individual membership, in one person’s name, therefore no shared emails.   When attempting to use an email more than once, an error message is sent out stating that it is already in use.  Please use a different email address for each person. 

Yes.   As many events are age-based for brackets, this information is a system required field.

When logged, in you will be on your Personal USA Pickleball Membership Information Page (Fig. D below).  This is your Member’s Only Area.  Here are a few things you can do:

  • Review your Member Number
  • Check your membership status
  • Print your Membership Card
  • Edit/Change your personal contact information
  • Check your Billing Information
  • Renew
  • Pay your Dues
  • Find another member in Member Look-up
  • Access & enjoy your Member Only Discounts through our Access Rewards Program & Offers
  • Access the current Newsletter
  • Access the current e-version of the Pickleball Magazine

Member Numbers are located on your USA Pickleball Personal Membership Information Page (Fig. D above).  This is the first page you access after logging in.

Yes.  We encourage you to review your contact information frequently and make any necessary changes as soon as they occur to keep the information fresh.  Simply Log in to your Personal Membership Information Page (Figure A, B above). From the ‘My Membership Information’ area (Fig. D above) click the ‘Change Contact/Profile Info’ link.  From here you will see all of the profile fields you can edit.

USA Pickleball Rewards are limited to only current members in good standing.  To access, the Rewards program, you must log in as follows:

  • Go to
  • Click on the “Membership/Donations” tab on the top navigation bar
  • Select “ Member Log-in” from the drop down menu (Fig. A)
  • Enter your user name and password (Fig. B)
  • Click the Log-in button
  • You will then be on your Personal USA Pickleball Membership Information Page
  • Scroll down to Member Discounts and click the Access Rewards link (Fig. E)

Member information will not show if the member has checked the following option on the member record :
• Exclude from Public Member-List?: [ x ]

This can be easily remedied by the member logging in and de-selecting any items that currently no longer apply. It is best practice to review your profile often to ensure it is up to date. Important: After making any changes, Be sure to scroll down to the very bottom of the profile screen & click on the “Submit” button to register any change that was made.


Yes.  This is a requirement.

Here are few common errors that will preclude tournament registration:

  • Name mis-match: Tournament registration software needs to find an exact match to what is on the player’s USA Pickleball Member Record.  Examples:   Robert, not Bob, Susan not Suzi, (OR) even a hyphen between names:  Mary Jones-Smith not Mary Smith. 
  • Reminder: To expedite your Tournament Registrations, please be sure to always keep your profiles current and consistent on both the USA Pickleball Member Profile and the Tournament Registration Software company doing registrations e.g.,
  • Membership Expiration Date: The member’s expiration date must be current through ALL dates that the tournament is in play.  It is not based on the membership status on the day the  member registers for the tournament. 
  • Membership Payment Delay: A check was mailed in for a member’s USA Pickleball dues.   The check has not as yet been received.  Membership  activation or reactivation occurs when payment is applied to the open Invoice.  

There is no automatic assignment of a skill level rating when you become an USA Pickleball member. Click here for information on how to obtain an official USA Pickleball skill level rating.  Over 80% of all skill level rating recommendations come from tournament directors of sanctioned USA Pickleball events.

The only official site for USA Pickleball skill level ratings is on the USA Pickleball Player Ratings page.  Players can edit their profile at and change their rating. But no player can edit their official USA Pickleball skill level rating.


Yes.   We have both an Official Club Membership, as well as an Official Club Membership Plus option.  Information on this membership can be found at: