Club Membership Announcement

The Club Membership term for July 2022 - June 2023 is now closed. You may sign up for the next Club Membership term on July 1st, 2023, which runs from July 2023 to June 2024

Official Club Membership provides easy solutions for insurance, club management and opportunities to play. We've got you covered!

Club Membership

  • Discounts and access to USA Pickleball Approved Software Providers (click here to view list) that will offer clubs solutions for managing fees, ladder/league play, calculated playing levels, socials, events, etc.

  • Club Rewards from Pickleball Central gives members of local pickleball clubs a 5% discount on (almost) everything they purchase from and an additional 5% of the purchase price of the eligible items goes back to their local pickleball club in the form of an annual gift certificate.

  • USA Pickleball Official Club Banner for the organization ($90.00 value)

  • Mailed subscription to Pickleball Magazine (one printed copy for club)



Club Membership +

  • With Club Membership Plus you get all the benefits of Club Membership as described above plus insurance for your club and for all registered participants of your club.

  • For just $5 per club participant per year your club will receive general liability and player accident insurance coverage for the entire year. This fee is paid in total by the club not by the club participants.

  • For example, if your club has 100 club participants, the cost of liability and accident coverage insurance would be $5 x 100 participants which would equal $500/yr. For this club the total yearly fee would be $200 + $500 = $700/yr.




$5 x Number of Participants/yr

USA Pickleball Approved

Club Software Providers

Club Locker is the world’s first cloud-based enterprise application software platform for clubs, facilities, and competition-based organizations. The platform allows players, coaches, clubs, teams, and administrators unprecedented access to tools that drive engagement, increase awareness, and promote community. It’s a fully integrated membership management and customer relationship management (CRM) system with a suite of facility and club management/reservation capabilities, competition management modules, and a thriving event marketplace.

Club Locker has partnered with USA Pickleball to provide a special offer for new Pickleball clubs to manage their membership and reservations for courts as well as host tournaments, leagues, ladders and boxes.

Learn More - Club Locker Pickleball

In 2007 we created Global Tennis Network to help tennis players find a partner, locate a tennis court, and organize leagues and tournaments. That website has since grown to over 110,000 members, and is currently used all over the world. After many requests, and seeing the explosive growth of pickleball, we released Global Pickleball Network (or GPN for short) in the fall of 2018. GPN is a very unique website. It was built using the suggestions and feedback from many of its passionate members. Because of this, it is packed with features no other website offers. Do you need to run a simple round robin? No problem! Do you need a ladder league where player meet each week, get assigned to a court, and rotate partners? Easy! Do you need to create a repeating event, charge a fee online, and have your players check-in a day before? Yes we can! We have seen and done it all, and can help you eliminate all the apps, spreadsheets, and other websites you are currently using. We have helped hundreds of clubs run complex ladder leagues and shootouts, manage single and double elimination tournaments, organize play sessions, and even take court reservations. 

Here are just a few of the features we offer:

  • Manage your club memberships
  • Communicate with your members
  • Charge membership & event fees
  • Create and manage ladder & team leagues
  • Create and manage tournaments
  • Manage event registrations
  • Generate calculated playing levels
  • Take court reservations
  • Upload images, videos and files
  • Send invitations

We offer premium memberships that give you access to additional features on the site.

For USA Pickleball Official Clubs, we will give your players 25% off the cost of a yearly premium membership.



  • Club Play: Flex Ladder Leagues, Round-Robins, Shootouts
  • Competitive or social
  • Rotating of partners each game
  • Unlimited court configuration flexibility
  • Scores are perpetually tracked
  • Substitutes are not needed
  • Standings are updated in real-time
  • Email courts schedules
  • Generate custom court layouts


  • Clubs:
  • Say goodby to the countless hours of administrative work
  • Collect dues directly into the club’s PayPal account
  • Transfer payments from PayPal to a bank account with no fees
  • Create individual, couple, and family plans
  • Track payments
  • New member notification
  • Automated membership expiration emails
  • Customized membership fields
  • Players:
  • Paying for your club dues has never been this easy
  • Seamless application and payment process
  • Membership expiration notifications
  • Individual, Couple, and Family plans
  • Flexible payment options

Event Scheduling:

  • Simple two-step registration process
  • Add guests to your registration
  • Track attendees
  • Associate venues with specific events
  • Automated email reminders
  • Event invitations
  • Access events on your personal calendar
  • Seamless payment process for fee-based events

Subscription plans for Official Clubs of USA Pickleball coming soon!

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*An Official Club Membership will allow you access to the Club Software Providers and their offerings on July 1 when the club membership goes into effect.*

Club Affiliate USA Pickleball 09
  • Provides more comprehensive coverage and benefits for less compared to other policies in the industry!

  • Be recognized on as an Official Club and increase awareness of your organization and its activities.

  • Make sure you have the coverage that your club requires!  Learn more.

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