Club Membership Announcement

Open enrollment and registration for the Club Membership term of July 2023 - June 2024 is now closed. Information on enrollment will be posted here as we get closer to the end of this current year’s term.

Official Club Membership provides easy solutions for insurance, club management and opportunities to play. We've got you covered!

Club Membership

  • Discounts and access to USA Pickleball Approved Software Providers (click here to view list) that will offer clubs solutions for managing fees, ladder/league play, calculated playing levels, socials, events, etc.

  • Club Rewards from Pickleball Central gives members of local pickleball clubs a 5% discount on (almost) everything they purchase from and an additional 5% of the purchase price of the eligible items goes back to their local pickleball club in the form of an annual gift certificate.

  • USA Pickleball Official Club Banner for the organization ($90.00 value)

  • Mailed subscription to Pickleball Magazine (one printed copy for club)



Club Membership +

  • With Club Membership Plus you get all the benefits of Club Membership as described above plus insurance for your club and for all registered participants of your club.

  • For just $5 per club participant per year your club will receive general liability and player accident insurance coverage for the entire year. This fee is paid in total by the club not by the club participants.

  • For example, if your club has 100 club participants, the cost of liability and accident coverage insurance would be $5 x 100 participants which would equal $500/yr. For this club the total yearly fee would be $200 + $500 = $700/yr.




$5 x Number of Participants/yr

USA Pickleball Approved

Club Software Providers

Club Locker is the most complete solution for clubs looking to elevate the entire player experience for their members. With Club Locker, you can:

  • Manage your court bookings, lessons, clinics, and events seamlessly
  • Process payments for all activity
  • Organize leagues, tournaments, boxes, ladders, and more to attract more players
  • Track your members’ scores, stats, ratings, and rankings
  • Offer coaching and training events to improve your members’ skills and start them off with accurate ratings
  • Streamline your club’s operations and finances with automated billing
  • Manage member accounts and membership payments
  • Connect and communicate with members and guests

Club Locker is easy to use, secure, and affordable. You can access it from any device, anywhere, anytime, and is trusted by hundreds of racquet sports clubs around the world.

Let's work together to take your racquet sports club to the next level. Reach out to Club Locker today and get the complete organized play package for FREE with additional discounts on our Reservation and club management packages.

Learn More - Club Locker Pickleball

ClubExpress is an all-in-one club and association management platform that provides member management, website design and hosting, payment processing and financial tools, powerful communications functions, and robust event management and registration tools.

ClubExpress brings all the important administrative tasks into one system – removing the need for myriad third-party apps. The modules are available right out of the box, with no coding knowledge necessary to get started. Clubs can customize as little or as much as they want to make their public site and member areas unique to their branding and voice.

Benefits include:

  • Powerful Event Management, including waitlist functionality and required waivers and documentation.
  • Resource management that allows for granular club & court management.
  • Secure payment processing for membership/event fees
  • Easy-to-use website template option to facilitate program, event & facility management.
  • Robust communications and contact management for blast emails, marketing campaigns, and more.
  • Enhanced Event Management facilitates club-specific tournaments.
  • Provide two-way electronic data exchange capability via API (membership verification & software provider identification)

Visit Club Express Website

CourtReserve is a pioneer in court reservation and club management, with a specialized focus on enhancing operational efficiency for pickleball clubs across the nation. We offer a wide-ranging suite of services that simplify club management and elevate the player experience:

  • Membership Administration: Manage all aspects of membership with ease, from onboarding and renewals to communication, with our comprehensive solution.
  • Event Management & Programming: Our robust module ensures the efficient execution of events such as open play and clinics, contributing to a top-notch club experience.
  • Online Scheduler & Member Portal: Our intuitive online scheduler and personalized member portal allow players to conveniently check court availability and sign up for events from their preferred devices.
  • Integrated and Online Payment Processing: Our platform integrates seamless and secure payment processing, simplifying transactions for members and financial management for your club.
  • Mobile App: Our user-friendly mobile app enhances accessibility for players and staff, offering the ability to manage reservations, events, and communications on the go.
  • Advanced Communication Tools: Our advanced tools facilitate efficient email, text, and push notifications, ensuring you stay connected with your members.
  • Integration with DUPR: Our seamless integration with DUPR's global rating system for pickleball aids in event organization by automatically syncing player ratings, fostering a data-driven approach to club management.
  • League Management: Our comprehensive platform guarantees efficient coordination and communication, enabling seamless scheduling and ranking for your club.

For USA Pickleball registered facilities, we're thrilled to offer special pricing for the first 12 months of service for new CourtReserve clients. This offer reverts to regular CourtReserve pricing beginning in month 13 and is unavailable to current CourtReserve clients.

Discover the CourtReserve difference in managing your club and enhancing your pickleball journey.

In 2007 we created Global Tennis Network to help tennis players find a partner, locate a tennis court, and organize leagues and tournaments. That website has since grown to over 150,000 members and is currently used all over the world. After many requests and seeing the explosive growth of pickleball, we released Global Pickleball Network (or GPN for short) in the fall of 2018. GPN is a very unique website. It was built using many passionate members' suggestions and feedback. Because of this, it is packed with features tailor-made for pickleball. Do you need to run a simple round robin? No problem! Do you need a ladder league where players meet each week, get assigned to a court, and rotate partners? Easy! Do you need to create repeating events, charge a fee online, and have your players check in a day before? Yes, we can! We have seen and done it all and can help you eliminate all the apps, spreadsheets, and other websites you currently use. We have helped hundreds of clubs run complex ladder leagues and shootouts, manage single and double-elimination tournaments, organize play sessions, and even take court reservations.

Here are just a few of the features we offer:

  • Manage your club memberships
  • Communicate with your members
  • Charge membership & event fees
  • Run ladder & team leagues
  • Run large or small tournaments
  • Organize play sessions
  • Generate calculated playing levels
  • Take court reservations
  • Upload images, videos, and files
  • Send invitations

The best part is the software is free to use. We offer premium memberships that give you access to additional features on the site.

For USA Pickleball Official Clubs, we will give you ten premium memberships to give to anyone you would like.

Visit Website:

TrackitHub is a cutting-edge league management software that has gained widespread adoption among leagues, pickleball facilities, and club organizers worldwide. It serves as a comprehensive solution, offering a range of powerful features and tools to streamline league operations.

The software encompasses various essential functionalities, including player registration, event scheduling, automated scorekeeping, and effective communication tools. These features work in harmony to simplify the league management process and enhance overall efficiency. Its dedicated mobile app is designed to provide players with convenient access to league information and foster seamless communication within the community. This app empowers players to stay up-to-date with schedules, match results, and league announcements while facilitating easy interaction with fellow participants.

TrackitHub excels in delivering real-time updates, ensuring that league organizers and participants are always aware of the latest information. Automatic bracket updates significantly simplify event management, saving organizers valuable time and effort.

Whether you're managing a competitive league, overseeing a pickleball facility, or organizing a club event, TrackitHub provides a comprehensive and user-friendly software solution. Its array of features, combined with its mobile app and customization capabilities, empower organizers to efficiently manage leagues, engage participants, and create exceptional experiences for all involved.

TrackitHub Offering: 1 month free to the club and club members

Visit TrackitHub Website


*An Official Club Membership will allow you access to the Club Software Providers and their offerings on July 1 when the club membership goes into effect.*

Club Affiliate USA Pickleball 09
  • Provides more comprehensive coverage and benefits for less compared to other policies in the industry!

  • Be recognized on as an Official Club and increase awareness of your organization and its activities.

  • Make sure you have the coverage that your club requires! Learn more.

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