Youth Program Provider – FAQ’s



What is a USA Pickleball Youth Program Provider?

  • An organization such as a School, After School Program, Park & Rec. Boys & Girls Club, Racquet/Paddle Facilities, Community Pickleball Associations, etc.

How much does a Youth Program Provider Membership Cost?

  • A Youth Program Provider Membership is $40.

What are the benefits of a Youth Program Provider Membership?  

  • A Youth Program Provider Membership includes:
    • A copy of the “Let’s Play Youth Pickleball Playbook
    • Laminated Activity Cards
    • Access to the Youth Pickleball Video Series
    • Deeply discounted equipment
    • Access to USA Pickleball Grants
    • FREE e-mailed Copies of ‘Pickleball Magazine’ (6 per year)
    • USA Pickleball e-Newsletter (6 per year)
    • YPP Member Upgrade Options (optional discount products that YPP members can select during the online registration process)
    • Printable USA Pickleball Membership Card

Are USA Pickleball Ambassadors or Donors allowed to purchase a membership on the behalf of a youth program?

Yes.  USA Pickleball Ambassadors and Donors may purchase a Youth Program Provider membership on behalf of a youth program.


If I am an individual member of USA Pickleball, do I receive the benefits of the Youth Program Provider Membership?

No.  A separate Youth Program Provider Membership is required.

Are these memberships available outside of the USA?

At this time these memberships are only available to organizations within the USA. 


How do I log-in to the Youth Provider Program Membership System?

Where do I get my user name, or change my password?

  • The Welcome Notification you receive has your user name and temporary password included in the e-mail. You would use this information to log-in to the system for the first time.  You can self-edit your Member Profile information as needed.
  • If you no longer have that notification, the temporary password has expired, or you have lost or forgotten your user name or password, you will need to do a Password Re-Set. Here is how to proceed:
  • Go to < >
  • Select “Member Log-in” from the top navigation bar.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the log-in page to the Password re-set option.
  • Enter your e-mail address as it appears on your member record.
  • Submit for a Password Re-set. An e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address of record.
  • The e-mail you receive will guide you to login.
  • When successfully logged in, you will then be on your Personal USA Pickleball Membership Information Page.
  • You should change your user name and password after you log-in for the first time, or any time you feel it necessary.
  • If you do not receive the Password Re-set Notification, please be sure to check your SPAM/JUNK folder, as personal computer systems can block certain types of email base on the content filters that have been set.


What can I do when I log in?

 When logged, in you will be on your Personal USA Pickleball Membership Information Page.  This is your Member’s Only Area.  Here are a few things you can do:


  • Review your Member Number
  • Check your Membership Status
  • Print your Membership Card
  • Edit/Change your personal contact information
  • Check your Billing Information
  • Renew
  • Pay your Dues

 How long does it take to get my Member Number?

On-Line Application/Payment:  We have a dynamic, real-time system.  As soon as PayPal has rendered payment, you can log back into the system and access your Member Number and print your Membership Card.

Do you mail out Membership Cards?

No.  Members have the ability to review and print Membership Cards right on-line whenever it is personally convenient.

Where do I find my Member Number?

Member Numbers are located on your USA Pickleball Personal Membership Information Page.   This is the first page you access after logging in. (See log-in information)

Can I self-edit my contact information?

Yes.  We encourage you to review your contact information frequently and make any necessary changes as soon as they occur to keep the information fresh.  Simply Log in to your Personal Membership Information Page.

Can more than one person share an e-mail address?

No.  The system requires a unique e-mail address for each and every member.  Each membership is an individual membership, in one person’s name, therefore no shared e-mails.   When attempting to use an e-mail more than once, an error message is sent out stating that it is already in use.  Please use a different e-mail address for each person. 


Is there a way to apply/renew and pay for my membership dues on-line?

Absolutely!  The on-line application, whether new or renewal, will give you the option to pay on-line. We accept all major credit cards, as well as eCheck. You can opt out of Auto Pay for renewals at any time.   

Can I pay my membership dues by check?

Absolutely!  When in the payment portion of the on-line application, simply choose the “Bill Me” option and you will be presented with an Invoice.

  • Print the Invoice
  • Cut off the Invoice remittance stub at the bottom & mail with the check.
  • Address: USA Pickleball Member Services, PO BOX 7354, Surprise, AZ  85374
  • When the payment is applied to your Account, an Invoice Receipt of Payment notification will be sent to your e-mail address of record.

The Invoice Receipt of Payment PDF will not open, or does not appear to be attached.  What can I do?

On the Receipt of Payment notification, there is information on how you can review and print the receipt right from your USA Pickleball Personal Membership Information page.  It is as simple as logging in to the system.  Right on that first page after log-in, you can find this information in your “Billing Info” area. There is a print option available to you.

I don’t have a printer to print the Invoice.  What can I do?

In this circumstance, please clearly note the Invoice Number on the check, as well as “YPP” on the check.  We apply the payment to your account based on the Invoice Number.  “YPP” denotes:  Youth Program Provider.

Is there a Handling Fee for mailing in a check after applying on-line?

Yes.  There is a $3.00 handling fee for mailing in a check.

Are memberships refundable?

No. Once a registration is submitted, USA Pickleball does not provide refunds for memberships.

Will I get a Renewal Notice?

Yes.   We have a 4-tiered Renewal Notification Process:

To keep members apprised of their membership status, we have expanded our member renewal notification process. These e-mails are auto-generated based on date, and are as follows:  

  • 1st renewal Notice: 60 days before expiration of Paid Thru Date, a renewal reminder notification is automatically sent to the member’s e-mail address of record.
  • 2nd Renewal Notice: 30 Days prior to the expiration of Paid Thru Date, a reminder of the need to renew is sent via e-mail.  
  • 3rd Renewal Notice. 3 days prior to the membership expiration term reminder is sent.
  • 4th Notification: A final notice is sent letting you know that your membership has expired and has been placed in an Inactive/Dropped status.

All renewal notifications include embedded links for the member to easily & simply pay their membership dues right from that notification.  Just look for the “Renew Now!”  link.    If a Password Re-set is necessary, you can do that right from the Member Log-in screen using the same e-mail address that the renewal notifications were received. 

If I am in an Inactive/Dropped status should I create a NEW membership application?

 No.  It is always best to Renew.  Please do not create a new membership application.  Duplicate membership record situations are problematic and could cause delays in both processing, information, and membership terms.


I don’t think I am receiving e-mail from the USA Pickleball.  Why?

Here are a few reasons that this could be happening:

  • Your e-mail address has changed and you have not as yet had a chance to update it on your USA Pickleball Member Profile.
  • You have opted out of receiving e-mail on your member record.
  • Your browser auto-blocks certain types of e-mail based on content.
  • You are using a company, organizational, or school e-mail address, extension ( and that organization is blocking certain types of e-mail.

Please always check your Spam folder to ensure that your system can accept e-mail from USA Pickleball.  Spam filters can prevent you from receiving e-mails.  By adding us to your contact list will help with this. Please check your member record to see what, if anything, you have opted out of on your member record.