I am not receiving e-mail, newsletters or my e-copies of “Pickleball Magazine” from USA Pickleball.  Why?

Here are a few reasons that this could be happening:

  • Your e-mail address has changed and you have not as yet had a chance to update it on your USA Pickleball Member Profile.
  • You have opted out of receiving e-mail on your member record. To fix this, log-in to your profile page (Figure A, B above). From the ‘My Membership Information’ area (Fig. D above) click the ‘Change Contact/Profile Info’ link.  Once this opens, scroll to the bottom of the page and make sure the ‘Hide Email in Public Member-List’ is un-checked.
  • Your browser auto-blocks certain types of e-mail based on content.
  • You are using a company, organizational, or school e-mail address, extension (example .edu) and that organization is blocking certain types of e-mail.

Please always check your Spam folder to ensure that your system can accept e-mail from USA Pickleball.  Spam filters can prevent you from receiving e-mails.  By adding us to your contact list will help with this. Please check your member record to see what, if anything, you have opted out of on your member record.