1. The drop is a soft shot hit off a bounce from deep in the court, intended to land in the opponents’ NVZ, preferably close to the net.
  2. Allows the hitting team to follow the shot to the NVZ line. It is the primary 3rd shot, giving the serving team the opportunity to approach the net after the return of serve, but can also be effective anytime the opponents are at the net.
  3. One of the more difficult shots to master.
  4. Face the net and hit the ball underhand in front of the body, lofting it in an arc over the net. The ball should arc before reaching the net so it lands near the opponent’s feet within or at their NVZ line.
  5. Move toward the net after hitting the ball. If you don’t make it all the way to the NVZ line by the time your opponent hits the ball, stop and assume the ready position in preparation for the next shot, then quickly continue to the NVZ line.
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