The process outlined below will be used for the 2025 Rulebook revision. The process for 2025 introduces additional transparency and opportunities for USA Pickleball member input and comment.

The steps below are designed to result in an effective date of January 1, 2025, for the new Rulebook.

1.) Opportunity to Submit Proposed Rule Changes: The window for USA Pickleball members to submit proposed rule changes opens March 1, 2024. The deadline for submission of a proposed rule change is May 15. Each proposed rule will have a tracking number assigned that will not change throughout the process so interested parties can follow or track a particular proposed rule through the process. All proposed rule changes, including editorial changes, will be captured in the New Rulebook Database (NRD).

2.) Opportunity to Comment on Proposed Rule Changes: Proposed rule changes will be listed (without attribution) in the NRD on the USA Pickleball website for comment. Members may submit public comments on any proposed rule change in the NRD. The deadline for submitting public comments on proposed rule changes is May 31.

3. USA Pickleball Rules Committee Action: The USA Pickleball Rules Committee will meet in June to review the proposed rule changes and any public comments on the proposed rule changes. The Rules Committee will vote on each proposed change to:

  1. Approved the proposed change as submitted,
  2. Approve the proposed change with amendments (editorial or substantive), or
  3. Disapprove the proposed change.

All Rules Committee actions, including the reasons for their action and any amendments made to the proposed changes, will be documented in the NRD as soon as possible but no later than August 15, 2024. The Rules Committeeā€™s complete consideration and documentation of all proposed rule changes will be publicly available by anyone who queries the NRD.

4.) USA Pickleball Board of Directors Action: The results of the USA Pickleball Rules Committee action will be forwarded to the USA Board of Directors for final approval on or before September 31. The USA Pickleball Board of Directors' actions will be posted in the NRD.

5.) New Rulebook Publication: The new Rulebook will be published on the USA Pickleball website by December 1. This provides an opportunity for the public to become familiar with the rule changes before the effective date.

6.) Effective Date: The 2025 Rulebook will be posted on the USA Pickleball website on or before January 1, 2025, and be made available for purchase on or around that date.