Official Club - General Questions (6)

The Club Membership is for pickleball organizations, groups and facilities.  Individual participants of those organizations, groups and facilities would be covered under the terms of the organizational policy when registered with USA Pickleball as a participant in that club.

No.  The general liability and player accident coverage are required under the terms of the club membership policy.  *Minimum of twenty-five participants

No. Club participants are not required to be an individual member of USA Pickleball.  The organization or facility would be considered an Official Club of USA Pickleball. Individuals that are registered with the Official Club are then considered “club participants” of the club (first name, last name and email) and the club pays the per participant fee. Registered club participants are then covered under the terms of the club membership policy.

If the instructor and the “learners” are club participants that are registered with the club in USA Pickleball’s club database, they would be covered under the terms of the club policy.  If someone in the club is teaching non-club members, and therefore not registered as Club Participants with USA Pickleball under the Club Membership, that instructor is not covered under the terms of the policy and would need to be certified and insured by an entity such as the Professional Pickleball Registry (PPR).

A Primary Venue is the location where organized, regular and scheduled club programs and events take place.

A Secondary Venue is the location that may serve as a regular, secondary location for the club play, or an alternate location due to the temporary closure of a Primary Venue.  An additional Certificate of Insurance (COI) or Additional Insured Status is issued for this location as well.


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Official Club - Benefits (1)
  • Liability Insurance Coverage for Club and an Accident Medical Expense Benefit for the Club Participants
  • USA Pickleball Club Banner for the organization ($90 value)
  • Mailed Subscription of Pickleball Magazine

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Official Club - Fees (4)

The cost of a Club Membership during the inaugural enrollment period is $200 (club fee) and $3.50 per club participant. Club Membership for the inaugural term is January through June 2021. The initial open enrollment will begin November through December of 2020.  The full 12-month open enrollment will begin in April through June of 2021 for a membership term starting in July 2021 through June 2022.

The $3.50 does not entitle participants to full USA Pickleball member benefits or the ability to play in USA Pickleball Sanctioned Tournaments and events.   Club participants seeking full USA Pickleball benefits would need to join USA Pickleball as individual members.  Only the club is recognized as a member of USA Pickleball with the Official Club Membership, not the individual club participants.

Yes. If a person is a USA Pickleball member, they are only covered in specific USA Pickleball sanctioned events in which they have registered.  The $3.50 is a per participant fee assessed to the club so that participants are covered to play in club activities at their registered venue during the coverage period.

Additional coverage for Directors & Officers is available to USA Pickleball Club Members, however, this is handled separately and independently by the club through the same Insurance Broker that is used for Club Membership coverage.  Quotes are specific to each club.  Email:

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Official Club - Enrollment/Terms (3)

The first open enrollment will occur in November through December of 2020 for a six-month term from January through June 2021. Recurring annual enrollment (12-month coverage) will take place April through June each year.

The initial term will begin in January 2021 and will be for a six-month period.  Annual terms will begin on July 1, 2021 on subsequent years for a 12-month coverage period.

Yes.  In fact, club administrators must add new club participants when they join the club. The club is assessed $3.50 for every new participant that is added.

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*Due to evolving elements of the USA Pickleball Official Club Membership, we reserve the right to make adjustments to the program terms and conditions.