Zelus Insoles

After years of development and testing, Zelus Insoles officially launched in 2017 as a line of performance insoles engineered to help prevent injuries, improve performance, and reduce pain. Zelus was developed by SATECH, Inc, who invented and patented SmartCells® Cushioning Technology to help ensure safer work and play surfaces. After more than 25 years of success with mats and flooring, the 1″ SmartCells were re-engineered to allow the legendary cushioning to fit in your shoe. The acquisition of Fastech Labs, who has over 30 years of experience creating custom orthotics for athletes, then paved the way for the development of a premium over-the-counter insole solution unlike anything on the market. This powerful combination of SmartCells cushioning fused with custom orthotic components gives you Zelus; The insole to end all insoles. The Zelus mission is to improve lives, prevent injuries, and keep people healthy so that they can continue to do what they love. It’s time for everyone to #FEELTHEZEAL.  zelusinsoles.com/pickleball/

1769 Bishop Road
Chehalis WA 98532