USAPA Announces New USAPA Junior Media Initiatives

The USAPA is kicking off a new Junior Program Social Media campaign nationwide featuring many new initiatives to promote and grow junior pickleball nationally.

Wyatt Stone from New Braunfels, Texas has been selected as a team leader to assist with the launch scheduled for later this fall. Wyatt, age 14, is a player at the forefront of junior activity. He enjoys competing in tournaments and volunteering in community outreach pickleball programs. He is an IPTPA Level II Certified Pickleball Teaching Professional and is the Pickleball Rocks National Junior Player Development Manager. Wyatt runs a blog on his website that shares information that will interest junior pickleball players and runs social media groups and pages designed to grow the sport. He is also editor of the USAPA Juniors Pickleball Facebook. Since taking on that responsibility, the USAPA has seen it organically grow and generate new interest. One of the things juniors want to know about is other juniors that are playing pickleball recreationally and competitively. The USAPA Junior Program is especially excited to feature highlights of junior players themselves.

The Junior Program will leverage USAPA Junior social media to engage junior players, their families and those supportive of junior players by sharing exciting and relevant junior specific content and events. The program will help communities to encourage other juniors to share pictures, videos, blog posts, and athlete spotlight features through USAPA Junior social and external media. The USAPA Junior Program will funnel recreational pickleball activities, clinics, boot camps, and tournaments from a regional level to a national level (and vice versa). The plan is that the USAPA Juniors will be known as the “go to” place for junior pickleball players to stay plugged in. Additional juniors in each of the eleven USAPA regions will come online later this year.

For more information on this new and exciting program, please contact the USAPA at

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