Line Judge Test

Welcome to the Line Judge Test!

This new 2021 40-question review is a tool for pickleball line judges and referees to test their knowledge of the USA Pickleball line judge best practices contained in the . Passing the Line Judge Test is a prerequisite to applying for USA Pickleball Referee Certification. Answers to all questions can be found in the 2021 Officiating Handbook or USA Pickleball/IFP Rulebook.

Pick a time to take the test when you can complete all the questions without interruption because the test will automatically close after 30 minutes. The test will also close when you click the “Submit” button at the end of the test, so answer all questions before submitting the test.

Upon completion, your score will be displayed. Since line judging plays such an important role in officiating, 90 percent is a passing score.

You can take the test as often as you like. So, if you do not obtain a passing score, re-read the 2021 Officiating Handbook and re-take the test. Each time you will receive a follow-up email containing your test score.

Being a line judge is an enjoyable way to give back to the sport you love!

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