2023 USA Pickleball National Championships

presented by the PPA Tour

Q. When and where will the 2023 USA Pickleball National Championships take place?

A. The USA Pickleball National Championships will take place November 4-12 at the Brookhaven Country Club in Dallas, Texas. The Brookhaven Country Club, owned by Invited, is one of the state’s premier golf and tennis resorts for more than six decades and is situated in the City of Farmers Branch, an inner-ring suburb of Dallas.

Q. How do I qualify as an amateur player?

A. Click here for information about qualifier events, otherwise known as Golden Ticket events.

Q. Does the PPA now own the USA Pickleball National Championships?

A. No. USA Pickleball will always own its National Championships, and this year the PPA Tour will support tournament operations and logistics as an event partner. This arrangement is very similar to the partnership that was in place between USA Pickleball and Indian Wells Tennis Garden from 2018-22.

Q. Is the USA Pickleball National Championships now part of the PPA Tour?

A. No, the National Championships will not be designated as part of the 2023 PPA Tour. However, the PPA Tour shall have the National Championships qualify for points for the 2023 PPA Tour.

Q. Why did USA Pickleball move the National Championships from Indian Wells Tennis Garden?

A. Indian Wells Tennis Garden was a tremendous venue and event partner, however, Dallas is centrally located in the U.S., making it more accessible for players from both coasts. Also, an expanded number of courts, including lighted courts, will allow many more players to participate in the National Championships (see below). Furthermore, top amateur players across the country will now have more opportunities to qualify due to USA Pickleball’s addition of three new Golden Ticket events designated on the PPA Tour calendar for the first time (see below).

Q. How many courts and how many players will the 2023 National Championships accommodate?

A. The 2023 National Championships will represent the world’s largest-ever pickleball tournament and facility, serving an expanded field of more than 3,500 amateur and professional players—a 50 percentage increase over the event’s capacity in 2022—utilizing up to 65 courts.

Q. Which 2023 PPA Tour stops will now serve as Golden Ticket events?

A. The following PPA Tour stops will now serve as Golden Ticket events:

  • Selkirk Texas Open (May 31-June 4)
  • Baird Seattle Open (July 27-30)
  • Kansas City Open (August 24-27)

The winners of the above tournaments will qualify for Golden Tickets to the 2023 National Championships. No dates for these competitions conflict with any existing Golden Ticket events.

Q. Is USA Pickleball membership required for the three (3) PPA Golden Ticket qualifying tournaments leading to the USA Pickleball National Championships? 

A. Yes. The following three tournaments on the 2023 Carvana PPA Tour will be sanctioned by USA Pickleball as Golden Ticket events and therefore require participants to be current USA Pickleball members: the Selkirk Texas Open, the Baird Seattle Open, and the Kansas City Open.

Q. I’ve already begun to make travel plans for Indian Wells Tennis Garden. Will USA Pickleball help refund any of these costs I’ve already paid?

A. Travel plans are always the responsibility of the players. Because the announcement of the new location occurred eight months in advance of the tournament, and the event dates remain the same, it is anticipated players will be able to change their plans with minimal issues. However, USA Pickleball apologizes for any inconvenience incurred by players who have already qualified and started to make travel plans.

Q. What new amenities will be offered this year?

A. Upgrades planned for the 2023 National Championships include designating the street outside of Brookhaven Country Club as “Pickleball Boulevard” to make space for a stage, live music, and family-friendly activities with sponsors and local businesses. Food and beverage vendors from all over the state of Texas will be on-site as part of the “Taste of Pickle” exhibit that will give tournament attendees the chance to experience traditional southwestern cuisine. Nightly musical performances are planned for the tournament, as well as various interactive events surrounding the event to make the fan and player experience unforgettable.

Q. What is the pro prize purse?

A. The overall 2023 prize money for professional divisions will be revealed later this year, but will exceed the 2022 total of $150,000, making it the largest prize purse in the tournament’s history.

Q. When will the competition schedule be announced?

A. The competition schedule will be announced at a later date.

Q. If I have already earned a Golden Ticket for the 2023 National Championships, has anything affected my eligibility to compete?

A. No. Players who have already earned Golden Tickets either in 2022 (Oct.-Dec.) or in 2023 have officially qualified for the 2023 USA Pickleball National Championships. Nothing has changed with your Golden Ticket and you are still fully eligible to compete.

Q. How will I register for the 2023 National Championships and how much will it cost?

A. PickleballTournaments.com (PT.com) will be used for National Championships registration. Registration fees will be announced shortly.

Q. Where can I buy tickets to attend the 2023 National Championships?

A. Ticketing information will be available soon.

Q. Where will the 2023 National Championships be streamed and/or televised? How can I watch the tournament?

A. Broadcast details will be announced soon.

Q. I am interested in volunteering, how do I sign up?

A. We appreciate your interest in being a volunteer at the 2023 National Championships! Please stay tuned for more information and details to come.

Q. Will all matches be officiated by USA Pickleball-credentialed referees?

A. Yes.

Q. Will APP (Association of Pickleball Professionals) pro players compete at the 2023 National Championships?

A. Yes, the USA Pickleball National Championships is the only tournament to feature the world’s best players from ALL pro tours and leagues.

Q. What other information is available about attending the event, such as lodging, venue details, etc.?

A. All USA Pickleball National Championships details for players and spectators alike, will be available in the near future on usapickleball.org.

Q. How do companies inquire about sponsorship opportunities?

A. Sponsorship inquiries can be directed to info@ppatour.com.