What are USA Pickleball Tournament Player Ratings (UTPR):
  • Calculated player ratings are based on tournament win/loss results and opponents' UTPR.
  • Players will have a 4-digit calculated rating and a rounded-down 2-digit skill level.
  • The official USA Pickleball rating for sanctioned tournament play, will include gender doubles, mixed doubles and a singles rating. This is one rating for each type of event they participate in.
  • The UTPR will be used when registering for sanctioned tournaments.

Some important things to know about your UTPR - Members are able to:  

UTPR Specifics: 
  • UTPRs are based on tournament results that have been entered into PickleballTournaments.com over the past four + years.
  • UTPRs are more accurate than subjective self-ratings or tournament director ratings.
  • The UTPR is not meant to be a “ranking” of players.
  • The UTPR may be used in USA Pickleball sanctioned tournaments for seeding events. This will result in more accurate bracketing and seeding.
  • Sanctioned tournament directors will have access to member player’s 4-digit ratings through PickleballTournaments.com.
  • Non-sanctioned tournament directors will not be able to view the 4-digit skill ratings.
  • A player’s UTPR may have age bias if players only participate in specific age categories
  • A player’s UTPR may have a regional bias if players only play local event.
  • The more tournament matches you play going forward, the more the ratings will “self-correct” and become more accurate.
  • We continue to refine the UTPR system for increased accuracy.
  • If you have not done so, please review the FAQ for all the details. Changes may be made to the FAQ over time as appropriate or because of adjustments to the ratings algorithm or tournament procedures.

Important Note: 

Players' initial 4-digit rating starts with the average of the players playing in their first event bracket, hence a higher-than-expected UTPR can be generated.